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I’m SOO happy that you’re here! I’m Cindy Oswald, the eyes (and brawns…. sup) of Clarity Lane. I’m 28 (best age ever until I’m 29), and I live right here in gorgeous St. George. I have a 2 year old that is my BFF while my husband studies his little hiney off at the new med school in Ivins! I LOVE my brides, but..

I am not a photographer for everyone.

I’m like a little flower– I need lots of sunshine and happiness in my life.. and room to grow. Haha! But honestly, I can only thrive if my brides are the happy type. The down-to-earth and will-look-you-in-the-eyes type. You’ve got to know that I communicate a lot- we text, we email, and I’m obsessed with snail mail (because it is SO FUN to get ANYTHING in the mail!!!). I stand super close and forget that personal space is a thing as I show your fiancé how to stand and place his hands on your face (…promise I won’t kiss you. Unless he needs help with that too haha.. TOTALLY JOKING). And I’m a hugger. Again, Chile engrained that in me- if we don’t hug I just feel so empty and awkward.. probably as awkward as you feel that I just hugged you.. haha! Same goes for your mom. So warn her 😉

When I was growing up, I had an unhappy person tell me multiple times that “marriage is not a fairytale.” She would try to instill that into me– trying to be thoughtful, of course, and helping me not get my hopes up.

But I knew she was wrong, and I was destined to prove it.

And although she still doesn’t believe me… I did.

It started at EFY.. I was 23, and a counselor for the program in San Antonio. One of the speakers taught about the gospel principle “ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” My heart swelled up and I wrote down a list right then and there, right in between my notes, a list of EVERYTHING I wanted in a husband. I held nothing back. It wasn’t like any dream list I had made before.. this one said things like “speaks Spanish. Sings to me. Loves his family. Waits for me.” Then I prayed. Heavenly Father had blessed me with wonderful guys leading up to this… but all were missing something. I had indeed prayed for good guys, but now I knew what was missing.. I had never ASKED for what I wanted, so I gave my list to God.

That’s when I noticed Tyson. He waited for me. I looked again. He spoke Spanish. He even wrote me a song. Our first date was taking me to his family reunion because he loved his family so much and wanted to show them off. My prayer was answered.

I KNOW how in love you are… I feel it too. I recognize that look your fiancé gives you– and that’s when I take the photo. I AM happy, and that’s why I can capture happiness so well. So let me hear your story!!

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