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How does wedding photo partner work?

What we are:

We are a  boutique marketing agency that works solely with wedding photographers.

What we do:

We generate EXCLUSIVE leads from engaged couples that are shopping for wedding vendors.

How do you generate these leads?

We deploy hyper targeted ad campaigns using a variety of paid online traffic sources to generate quality leads. We run different promotion(s) to incentivise couples to go through the proper steps to submit their information.

What does a  lead consist of?

A lead consists of the bride’s name, email address, phone #, and wedding date.

How many other photographers get the lead?

Only you. The leads are exclusive and the couple already knows about your brand prior to filling out the contact form.

How are the leads delivered?

Leads are delivered via email in live time.

How many leads do I get per month?

Our smallest package is a minimum of 10 exclusive leads GUARANTEED monthly. Our most popular package GUARANTEES 20 leads per month!

profile-picRachel LeintzOwner

Rachel Leintz Photography – Phoenix, AZ

I was really impressed by the leads that were generated using Wedding Photo Partner. The brides I connected with were engaged, and in the early stages of the planning process. I set up several meetings with them and they were all excited for the meet-ups. I’m not sure how the marketing magic of WPP works, but it does! The brides I connected with were planning their weddings here in my local area and were definitely ready to book.

How does these promotions work?

Simple. We allow the photographer to choose from 2 different promotions that they can run.

1) They can offer engaged couples the opportunity to sign up for a limited time “Free Mini Photo Session”. This session is a meet and greet with the photographer at a mutually decided location. As the photographer you can choose how long to make it and what a session consists of. The purpose of the session is to connect with the couple and at the conclusion present them with your packages, rates, and sell your service.

2)They can offer engaged couples the chance to see how much they can save on their wedding photography. When a couple submits their information they are given up to 3 discounts that they can claim if they book the photographer for their wedding day. The couple is then notified that they will be contacted by the photographer to go over the details. The photographer chooses which discounts that they would like to offer. Examples of discounts are: Free Engagement Shoot, $200 off Premium Package, Free Rehearsal Dinner Footage, 1 Extra Hour of Wedding Coverge, etc.

Do you have any guidelines for follow up that other successful photo partners are using?

 Upon signup we will provide you with tips and guidelines to help you be most successful. You can use simple upselling techniques prior to the session to see the most immediate return, and we will show you how to not only book weddings but make extra money from the leads.

Is there a long term commitment to work with Wedding Photo Partner?

 Absolutely not. There are no contracts. We want you to use the service in a way that benefits you the most. We are confident that you will love the process and the returns, and that you will choose on your own to continue to work with us.

OK so what is the price for all of this?


The pricing varies depending on the package. It is extremely affordable when compared to other types of wedding marketing that give you zero guarantees and have you compete for business.


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profile-picChris CottrellOwner/Certified Professional Photographer

Cottrell & Co. Photographers – Atlanta, GA

Wedding Photo Partner has been the easiest group of internet marketers to work with, period.

I have tried lots of different ways to get leads, however it is costly and time consuming, James takes that headache away. The fees are very affordable and the results are staggering! in 3 weeks I got 25 leads, booked 11 mini photo sessions and have several really good wedding photography prospects so far and the leads are coming in at a very manageable rate. Thank you so much James for including me in this amazing lead generation program!

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